Monday, October 19, 2009

Wolverine Vs Trapper

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Sorry, it's not number of wolverines eaten to date

By Farrell Hamann
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Hi, I bet you are thinking that, sooner or later, I'm going to come up with something like "Dogs I've known" or something along that line. Don't worry, I'll only use that as a last resort.

Thinking of dogs reminded me of a story I heard from a Haida Indian fisherman while I was living in South East, Alaska. The story concerned a trapped wolverine.

A trapper was out checking his trap lines and came across a dead wolverine in one of his traps. He started over to get it then froze in his tracks. Something's wrong here, he thought, something's fishy.... better think about this a minute.

The trapper sat down on a mossy log eyeballing that wolverine. A wolverine could really kick butt and he didn't want his kicked!

The critter was laying there with a totally dead look on it's furry face, no sign of life whatsoever. The trapper took a long snag and gave the wolverine a couple of pokes in it's ribs, ... nothing!

He started for it but stopped fast. The ground was oddly powdered in a six foot radius around the animal. All vegetation was shredded finely enough to pass through a quarter inch screen. Even a thorny devil's club plant was not spared.

Ah, that's what got to me, thought the trapper. He want in to clear out the trap.

Up hopped the wolverine!

The wolverine had been playing dead all along! It lunged at the trapper but missed, apparently slowed down by the heavy chain. The chain only allowed the animal a few feet of travel. The animal flashed it's fangs and snarled hideously as the trapper moved in closer for the kill.

"Little whack on the..... "

For the trapper, "that was all she wrote." The wolverine was a critter with an insidiously clever plan and the trapper was it's victim.

That wolverine played dead like a Hollywood actor. It had carefully and neatly coiled up it's chain so that when it went for the trapper, it, used the full six feet of chain and got him!

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